Mid-Year celebrations

PWA is a machine with a 27-year record of women’s achievements.

The measurement of its success as an association has always been its growth and its leadership, consolidated by remarkable accomplishments.

This final issue of 2019 newsletter is dedicated to celebration. Looking over the past three months, when PWA Board exposed its strategy, I would like to celebrate our top events: September’s #womeninsport conference, October’s #Succesfulshe talk, November’s #freeinternetend academic discussion and December’s #pwameetsart events.

As we are looking forward to having fun, celebrate our achievements during 2019, exchange gifts among friends, applaud our Winter Queen together with others already eligible for the Woman of the Year Award, let’s make a New Year’s Resolution to fortify ourselves and get ready for the challenges that 2020 will bring.

Let us be the driving force for all women who desire to improve themselves personally and professionally, especially the young, blooming women of tomorrow. I thank every Board and Team member for the incredible dedication, unconditional support and unlimited value contributed to our association so far.

On behalf of PWA I wish health, happiness, prosperity and fulfillment to you all. Let us be proud of PWA and promote our association like never before. Let us become stronger, not just through attitude and engagement, but through achievements. Because we are worth it and because we can.

Happy New Year!

Valentina Ferretti, PWA president

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