The world is changing more rapidly than ever before.
Transformation is indeed the new normal.
Advancing technologies, unanticipated events, and fresh challenges are around every corner
and this has put increasing pressure on today’s professionals especially women.
We shall adjust and adapt to this reality in order to navigate successfully into the future.
The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing us even more to rethink our professional culture.
PWA believes that women have a unique opportunity to lead this long-overdue transformation.
Our Mission
Empower women to thrive through continual transformation.
Encourages and supports women to play a more active role in the digital era
across the professional community in all industries,
by advancing careers, fostering alliances, and
preparing the current and next generation of professionals.
Our Purpose
Be the voice for women in the professional community across all industries,
advancing empowerment leadership, recognizing women’s achievements,
and illuminating their unique contributions to their professions, companies, and communities.
Under this challenging theme, we commit to:
Inspire Leaders
Our members will be high achieving, self-motivated, global agents of change.
Transform Professionals
Our programs will embrace disruption in businesses, enable efficient and effective sustainable solutions while being mindful of community impacts.
Engage Cultures
We create intellectual space for our members, partners, and supporters to think innovatively and engage cultures.

Are you ready to lead the change?


We meet on the 1st Wednesday of the month for cocktails dedicated to networking, and the 3rd Wednesday conference conducted by international speakers.
In addition, we organize events of cultural interest and social development.

January 2023 PWA Conference – Smart Goals 2023: Leadership, Lean Decision Quality, and Learnability

Special Events, Conferences

November 2022 PWA Conference – Diversity & Inclusion: a strategic priority for sustainable growth.

Conferences, Special Events


The people we are: Stefanella Bortini

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Stefanella Bortini “Facing Challenges With Passion” German-Swiss and Italian blood runs through Stefanella Bortini’s veins as she’s certain that this mix determined a different approach to life: she grew up…

The people we are: Maria Rita Arena

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Maria Rita Arena “Driving Synergy and Excellence” We are immersed in books and articles prescribing what we should do or how we should behave to become successful persons and successful…

The people we are: Kristin Engvig

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Kristin Engvig “Inspiring Women Worldwide” I have met Kristin at PWA events without knowing that behind her smile, warm and friendly attitude is a founder of a leadership organization WIN…


We welcome women from various professions at different levels and from different sectors.

Thanks to our experience of living and working in more than one country, our environment is multicultural.