Closing the Gap

In a tight-knitted, urban society we live in close proximity, yet are separated by invisibile dividers.

Gender, cultural, relational and professional gaps hinder our career advance, whilst certain conscious actions prevent our own personal development. Rather than physical barriers, these are mostly in our heads, and can be removed with a different mindset.

Professional Women’s Association has defined the theme “Close the Gap” as the motto and mindset for the next social season 2019/2020. There are many arguments that can be made for closing gaps. For example, Experts believe that closing the gender gap could leave a huge positive impact on world’s economy.

Closing the afore-mentioned gaps will define our activities and programs, promoting inclusive practices, fostering anti discrimination regarding gender, race, age, religion, culture or origin. Through collaborative projects, initiatives, seminars, events, together with conferences showcasing international speakers, we advocate themes to assist the personal and professional development of members and guests.

PWA will be an harmonious and encouraging environment where we can learn and grow together.

By empowerment, improving skills and promoting and supporting other women’s talent we are confident we can make a difference.




We meet on the 1st Wednesday of the month for cocktails dedicated to networking, and the 3rd Wednesday conference conducted by international speakers.
In addition, we organize events of cultural interest and social development.

April 2020 e-Conference: 5 Roles, 5 Chairs, 5 Choices



…a lot of fun, business networking, social responsability…

What PWA means to me

Quello che ho sempre apprezzato in PWA è la grande volontà di fare squadra, formando una lobby positiva, mettendo a disposizione con umiltà le proprie competenze per far emergere il merito, le capacità e le competenze a favore delle donne ovunque e incondizionatamente.

Monica Cirinnà – Senatrice – PWA’s madrina

PWA is a powerful networking opportunity for professional women, a place where we can learn from each other by sharing experiences and competencies and contribute to expansion of gender diversity in the business and across cultures. It is proven that successful companies benefit from having a higher share of women in their Boards: PWA plays a critical role of change agent to ensure this happens in Italy as well.

Daniela Cerboni – VP World Services Amex – Member

I joined PWA to grow my professional network with people coming from different cultures & working environments and to practice my English. I met people who deeply inspired me and contributed to change my personal and professional life.

Monica Livan – Information Technology Consultant


We welcome women from various professions at different levels and from different sectors.

Thanks to our experience of living and working in more than one country, our environment is multicultural.