Being part of PWA means joining a community without borders

PWA is an international group of professional women who form multicultural relationships over time and across borders. During the COVID-19 disruption we understood that our reach has no boundaries: people from any continent was virtually sitting next to us, in Italy, attending our conferences and business speed-dating events.We understood once again that diversity makes us reacher and want to keep it this way. That is why we created the Digital Membership.


Regardless of your geographical position you can join our community and attend all our online events: conferences, workshops, etc. And once in Rome, you can attend the face to face events at the special membership fees.

Being part of PWA means being part of an experiences-rich community where you will find:

Shared lessons – rather than having to learn from your own mistakes or successes you can reach out to the PWA community and ask for valuable advice

Guidance and motivation – talk about your amazing experiences, prospects or dreams and let yourselves be inspired by the diversity of our backgrounds and professional lives. Withdraw knowledge out of our various themes events

Contacts – being in a strong community can help you reach that someone who can make an introduction for you. Across borders.

Opportunities – the contamination of ideas means mutual enrichment. Whether it’s a social activity, a once in a lifetime experience or a business opportunity, the opportunity is just there.

Fun – social events are the glue of our community.

Membership fees

Digital membership: 125 euro

2 steps to join us and we can lead your way to becoming part of PWA!
Step 1: Fill out the application form

Step 2: Submit your membership fees

Digital Membership: 125 euro

Pay now through Bank Transfer (preferred paying method) and send the payment confirmation to
PWA – Professional Women’s Association
IBAN: IT51B 02008 05172 000101928188

or via Paypal
Digital Membership pay here

(please add 1€ covering part of the processing fee)

Stay connected: the PWA community is active on both Facebook and LinkedIn, plus Instagram.

For further information, please contact