PWA Board Member Candidates
for Election 2024 – 2025

We wanted to inform you that we have received and approved the candidates for the upcoming election, following a series of communications between April 10th and May 7th.

The voting will take place at the General Assembly on May 22, 2024, at 6:30 pm at the Sina Bernini Bristol Hotel. The monthly conference will be held as usual.

During the Assembly & conference, voting will occur, and you are encouraged to participate in person. Aligned with our Statute & Governance, the Election Committee will provide you with a verified ballot to vote for the new President and the approval of the PWA Annual & Financial Report. However, if you cannot vote in person, please notify us, via email and you will receive a verified proxy form. Each voting member can hold up to 3 proxy forms. Each voting member can hold up to 3 proxy forms.

We appreciate your support and responsiveness, and we hope you have a wonderful week!

The election committee, led by Lisa Rosen and Krisztina Szaraz is available to answer all your questions at

Meet the Candidates

Candidate for President

Catherine Tondelli has been involved with PWA for many years and since 2023 a member and member of board as Vice President Programming Director. She has worked together with the President Gerlie Saura to engage members, creating interesting and relevant topics for PWA conferences. Together they succeeded in increasing membership, partnerships, and helped in advancing careers for members and fostering strategic alliances.

Catherine worked with the board to help grow PWA as an inclusive, supportive and dynamic network of professional women. Her goals as President will be to encourage strong mutual support networks among members, increase communication channels, create more value to members and partners, increase mentoring opportunities for members to share their strengths, talents, and experience and continue to continue to lead the association to advance it’s commitment to gender equality, inclusion and diversity.

With over 35 years of corporate management experience and 15 years in leadership positions managing teams in companies such as Johnson & Johnson, American Express publishing, Meredith publishing, Hearst magazines, USA today, Premier Hotels & Resorts and Five Star Alliance. She is currently CEO of her own Event and Meeting agency “Meeting Angels” she is proud to be working with other like minded women’s associations such as AIDOS, European Parliament reproductive rights for women, Planned Parenthood, C7 among many other sustainable companies in Europe.

A graduate of Northeastern University, BA in business and communication and master classes in marketing she has lived in 3 countries and has held board chair positions with several associations such as Africare, Impact, Network of Women in Hospitality, and many others. A native Chicagoan transplanted to Rome via California and London she came to Rome for love. She spends her free time dedicated to her music with her pianist husband, cats (both female) nieces and nephews (27 of them) and enjoys spending time working on her house in the Umbrian countryside.

She looks forward to incorporating ideas and relationships that fellow PWA members can bring to her role.
She takes pride in helping women succeed and uses her network to do so. She is excited to continue the successful momentum of the previous President and boards before her and is confident that with strong leadership PWA can only keep going from strong to stronger.

Candidate for President

As a passionate advocate for women’s empowerment and equality, with a solid background in management and leadership committed to promoting gender equality, advocating for women’s voices to be heard, and addressing the unique challenges that women face in today’s society.

Her first, big working experience was at Telespazio, one of the world’s players in satellite solutions and innovations. This company would give her an international profile yet at a personal cost. Indeed she had to spend her first year in Vancouver, Canada, where fled only a month after her wedding, leaving her husband in Rome.
Several years later, in Phoenix, Arizona where she seized the opportunity to work at Motorola, a telecoms satellite company, she brought her little son, who was attending a nursery school at the time. Nevertheless, Bruna’s most exciting stay was in Belgium where she worked for seven years at the NATO command headquarters, known as Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe, or SHAPE. She was responsible for war satellite communications.

She was also active in connecting Italian women living in Belgium through IWIS, Italian Women In SHAPE, in a stimulating international and cross-cultural environment. In this vibrant international and cross-cultural setting, she thrived, enriching her experiences. Concurrently, she actively participated in the SHAPE Toastmasters Club, assuming the role of VPE (Vice President Education). Her dedication led her to achieve milestones as both a Competent Communicator (CC) and a Competent Leader (CL) within the club. A new challenging experience was waiting for her and it came through a high level executive at Leonardo. In 2019, she packed back to Rome with a mission to inject in her new company an international mindset and expertise that she achieved while serving at NATO.

Upon returning to Rome, she became a member of PWA, demonstrating a profound dedication to furthering the mission and vision of our esteemed association. In 2023, she also became a member of the Rome Toastmasters Club, where she excelled to the Division competition level in Pisa by April 2024. This marked her second participation in a Division-level competition, following her previous experience in Lille, France, back in 2018.

However, despite such an intense life, to her family comes first. Always. She has always been a present mother helping her two children with their homework. She has been a role model to both of them who followed in her footsteps. Andrea lives in London and works in economics and finance whereas Carolina is a cyber security engineer living and working in Milan.
Her motivation to lead stems from a genuine desire to foster a supportive and inclusive environment where women from all walks of life can thrive and succeed.

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