This Christmas, as PWA, we would like to come together and celebrate the holiday season by staying united and by lending a hand where needed, even if it is a drop in the ocean, firmly believe that every little helps.
That is why we have decided to donate €5 on behalf of each of our members and friends and that will equate to € 500 to Hospital Spallanzani in Rome, the city we all love to live in.
Thank you
Cristina, Alessandro, Chiara, Rosemary, Florencia, Tiziana, Valerie, Cecilia, Bruna, Marco, Angela, Dulce, Haijuan, Carola, Marcella, Mirela, Catherine, Martina Allison, Ippolita, Raffaella, Marijana, Martina, Sara, Lisa, Luca, Valentina, Anna Elisa, Lucia, Marta, Maria Rita, Anna, Gail, Tazim, Kathi, Heinke, Maja, Gabrielle, Teresa, Luisa, Gaia, Gavina, Susanne, Vukosava, Marzia, Milena, Alessandra, Elena, Valeria, Paola, Claudia, Simone, Cristiana, Simona, Lisa, Sabine, Paola, Sabina, Valentina, Gerlie, Ecaterina, Elsa, Carlotta, Angela, Hanna, Krisztina, Adriana, Diana, Antonietta, Teresa, Paul, Cristina, Ayako, Marilina, Cecilia, Barbara, Giulia, Tatiana, Magdalena, Viviane, Kass, Chiara, Marina, Elena, Elisabetta, Marleen, Silvia, Roberta, Morgana, Marialessandra, Monica, Rome Business School, Challenge Network, John Cabot University and friends.
“It’s only a drop in the ocean, but the ocean wouldn’t be the same without that drop”, Mother Teresa.
Thanks to you all.
Happy Holidays and a Prosperous New Year 2021
PWA Board Team 2020 – 2021

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