Covid-19 will pose a significant pressure on your role during next PWA season. How will you face it?

Lincoln’s famous quote said: “Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?” This is exactly what we all should do with Covid-19! The virus stopped our daily routine, but we are learning there are new tools. I want to enhance the unique opportunity we have to learn and grow!

Gaia Nina Marano – Programming Director candidate

I will propose two main initiatives, one called Ambassadors to give our members the chance to share their believes while being an inspiration for joining PWA, and other called members’ MasterClass to speak with our own voice while sharing knowledge and create new network synergies between us.

Luisa Lopez – Newsletter Editor candidate

The quick response and the greater cohesion shown from PWA community of members and partners will inspire my action. No doubts that the current  social and economic situation will impact the way we cooperate with our partners and members. But PWA is here also to create opportunity and look ahead with a unique innovative spirit. Nothing will keep us apart. 

Raffaella di Primio – Sponsorship Director candidate

For the Treasurer in the time of COVID-19 the main challenge will be smaller budget then usually, as number of Members and Partners could be lower than previously. My goal will be to help Board to maintain good quality of work with less money in order to keep PWA Members happy. 

Maja  Ivanovic – Treasurer candidate

How do you lead effectively during times of continual transformation? The pressure of this global pandemic is a unique opportunity to create diamonds and not dust. I believe humility, empathy, and resiliency are the cornerstones of successfully navigating both the challenges of today and tomorrow.  

Girlie Saura – President candidate 

The post-coronavirus-world has still lots of unknowns. Fact based evidences are the accelerated changes we are heading for. Being able to adapt to ever-evolving environment, continuously update, bringing creativity and innovation in the boardroom as well as in the association will be key to live the new reality.  

Cristiana Rescigno – Secretary candidate

With social distancing, one of our distinctive factors i.e. the newtorking after the monthly conference, will be affected. I believe that a way forward will be to increase the sense of community of PWAers through more digital interaction. Tools are in the making, but the objective would be to have a support network available when needed. 

Florencia Barbieri – Vice President Candidate

Covid-19 is a world tragedy, but it has been for me an unexpected opportunity to learn how to take my time, to face and stay closed just to strictly important work activities and real friends and interests. My challenge is to re-use this great lesson, respecting social distance in my life, establishing borders to work hours and dedicating my energy to what I believe is good (PWA is one of the first!).

Cecilia Bersani – Vice President Candidate

I will carefully assess relevant Covid-19 rules and available options to reestablish PWA’s live social events. I also plan a series of international interactive web-seminars on women’s rights and empowerment. I see this tool as an opportunity to connect women’s minds across cultures.

Catherine Costaggiu – Social Director candidate

“If Mohammed will not go to the mountain, the mountain must come to Mohammed”

Personalised invitations to each member to be more involved in PWA from home. Virtual aperitives, trivial pursuit & quiz night online, PWA members joining from abroad. Just to name a few.   

Milena Padula – Social Director candidate

I believe that challenges are always opportunities. There is the need and thus the chance to look at things differently and rethink most of the things we normally do. The main challenge will be to ensure safety without reducing the enrichment of gathering and sharing significant and light  moments together. I believe  that the only way to do it is to truly “think out of the box” and suggest different formats: surely challenging but possibly very fun.

Claudia Piccarreta – Social Director candidate

Covid19 has changed the humans’ attention towards Socials which now have acquired more relevance. PR will be instrumental in conveying the value adding of PWA. Real time marketing will be the enabler to leverage our content & community giving us the flexibility to deal with the new “normal” as it will evolve in front of us.  

Marzia Paciantoni – PR Director candidate

Having a steady number of happy members in moments of so much uncertainty is the greatest challenge. Digital memberships, extension of the benefits that PWA can bring to each member can be just a few of the options to ensure stability. We will keep the same PWA spirit even in digital form, if digital is our only option! 

Mirela Cojocaru – Membership Director candidate

Note: The answers were randomly arranged and do not reflect any ranking.

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