Gerlie’s goal is to empower PWA members to become agents of transformation who operate at the forefront of revolutionary initiatives but recognize the need for continuous improvement and learning in order to fulfil their professional and personal ambitions.



Gerlie Saura has been elected as President of the Professional Women’s Association (PWA Italy) for her third term. Her leadership has been transformative, and her vision for the organization is one of growth, empowerment, and social responsibility. Gerlie is the PWA President since 2020 and has been in service to the association since 2012 as Board Member & Vice President, Partnership Director, and Public Relations Director. Gerlie has been instrumental in navigating PWA Rome through challenging times. She is known as someone who led by example, demonstrating resilience, empathy, and adaptability in the face of unprecedented challenges brought on by the pandemic. Together with the Board and Team, she enabled the association to adapt to the changing landscape and continue to serve PWA members and the community. Thanks to the support of the members, she will continue to serve the PWA community with the same level of dedication, passion, and excellence to train the future leaders of PWA fostering a sense of belonging and community that is vital to PWA success and strong future.

As a Senior Manager with almost 20 years of International experience, gained working in Government, Non-profit organizations, and private businesses across industry sectors mainly education management, business consulting, and internationalization management. She held various positions of responsibility, which drove growth for both people and organizations while staying on top of business challenges and innovative trends. She is an experienced International Business Development Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry, she represents the Rome Business School to establish and maintain strategic partnerships and international relations in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and the Americas.  Gerlie is also appointed as the Country Manager Italy of G100 Education and Employment think tank since 2021 under the patronage of the Women Economic Forum (WEF).

Under her leadership, PWA has grown in strength, capacity, and impact. Her vision and tireless efforts have helped the PWA achieve its goals and serve the community with greater efficiency and effectiveness. With PWA she will continue her mission to support women in their professional development and supports strategic partnerships that promote women’s economic empowerment, lifelong learning, and equal access to employment opportunities. Gerlie’s dedication and commitment to the advancement of women in business and leadership have been exemplary. Gerlie is happily married with 2 kids and she devotes her free time to organizing activities that create opportunities for women to learn, network, and grow in their professional and personal lives. With Gerlie’s leadership PWA has become a force to be reckoned with in the community.

She was honored to win the “Woman of the Year 2020 Award”.  Now, she is calling on your active support to see gender parity as an integral part of the solution to the many challenges we face in terms of health, climate, economy, and fundamental human rights.