Tatiana Wartuschova has 15+ years of professional experience in marketing research and project management.

Tatiana Wartuschova

Assistant Secretary

Tatiana Wartuschova was specially appointed by the Board as Assistant Secretary. She has been a member of PWA since September 2020. During her career working with female clients, colleagues, and business partners has been always very stimulating. She believes that women, when united, can make the world a better place!

Graduated in Sociology and Social Policy, she has 15+ professional experience in marketing research and as a consultant. She helps  clients on both local and international level taking right decisions when comes to start or improve their business.

In the past, she worked in a multinational market research agency as a key account, project manager, and team leader. Besides that, she participated as a member of pre-election teams on many political campaigns for the (former) prime minister party in the Czech Republic.

Several years ago, her passion for Rome made her to take the decision to leave Prague and start a new life phase. She enjoys traveling, exploring new cultures and food, and meeting new people.

What she likes about PWA is the inspiring atmosphere. She was very impressed that despite circumstances of social isolation and distancing, PWA continued with its activities, organised many online events with interesting and inspiring speakers.

As Assistant Secretary she is to be a valuable member of the Team by offering her professional experience and skills.