Reverse Mentoring Program – Applications by October 16, 2022

Reverse Mentoring

It is an initiative in which seasoned professionals are paired with and mentored by younger professionals
on topics such as social media, technology, and current trends. Young member participants at the same
time can enjoy a “professional friendship” to exchange skills, knowledge and understanding while
challenging each other and exchanging valuable experience.

Who are the Mentors?

The mentors will be seasoned PWA Rome members who have at least 10-15 years of professional work
experience. They will offer their knowledge to coach young members in their areas of major experience.
They have the willingness and professional curiosity to learn and challenge themselves.

Who are the Mentees?

Mentees are young professionals who have solid knowledge about technology, digital tools, and
techniques. They know “what’s going on nowadays” in the digital era when the world is rapidly changing
and digitalizing our everyday life. They want to learn how the world of business is working, what skills
are required to become a successful professional and are keen on developing their careers to become firm
and confident experts in their fields.

Time requirement and schedule

The reverse mentoring program will start at the end of October and last 6 months long. Participants will be
paired based on their knowledge and experience they require to exchange. Once the right combination is
identified, the mentor will schedule a monthly call with the mentee, for a duration of an hour at least. The
monthly call will be split into two sections – one is focusing on the mentor, the other is on the mentee.

How to start the discussion?

The program participants will receive the suggested topics schedule every month to start with. These will
be proposals to build a meaningful structure for the discussion and avoid deviation from the scope of the
program that is the reciprocal learning experience. The members have the liberty to choose different topics
or changing the sequence of the arguments as long as they feel that it is for the benefit of their own
learning experience.

How to apply?

Following the completion of your PWA membership for season 2022/2023 mentors and mentees can apply via email to To apply to the Reverse mentoring program, please respond the below questions:

Would you like to be Mentor or Mentee?

What is your area of expertise?

What are the fields you wish to learn more about?

Do you have any additional information or request to share regarding the program?

The program has no additional cost, all PWA members can join free of charge.

                               We need you to specify if you wish to contribute as mentor or mentee and explain your areas of expertise you can share during the program.                                Please leave your contact details and we will set up a call with you to finalize the details of participation.

Applications can be submitted by 16th October 2022.

                            The program will start once the mentor and mentee combinations are set. Monthly topics for discussion will be sent by email to the members directly as well as online workshops will be offered for participants only, to provide inspiration and supportive ideas.  

Looking forward to hearing from you and joining this exciting initiative!

        Krisztina Szaraz, Professional Development Director PWA