PWA BOLD PROGRAM – February 2022

Wednesday, February 2, 2022 at 7:00PM CET
Live on Zoom

PWA B.O.L.D PROGRAM – February 2022

B.O.L.D. is our special project focusing on your professional development and career advancement as a professional woman. We will provide you guidance, inspiration, and practical tools that will help to take the next step toward your ideal development opportunity.

No Labels, No Limits. Unlock your potential by removing labels

Meet our speaker Kathy Buckley, who will join us directly from Los Angeles, California. Kathy talks about the labels that society puts on us and the labels we also put on ourselves. She addresses the fact that we subscribe to these labels, which can even modify our own self-awareness.

She inspires her audiences to remove the labels and empowers audiences to make a change, become self-confident, self-aware, and experience self-growth. Kathy’s message will free you and awaken the unlimited potential inside each of us.

 You will laugh, you will cry, as you listen to Hearing Impaired Comedian Kathy Buckley shares her story on life and forgiveness. Time to let go of what’s holding you back.  

About our speaker:

Kathy Buckley, America’s Favorite Hearing Impaired Comedienne

Comedienne, actress and motivational speaker Kathy Buckley now the author of best-selling book. If you could hear what I see, will have you laughing and crying as you experience the amazing story of her life.

You would have seen her PBS special No labels, no limits! HBO Special, Tonight show, Touch by an Angel, Entertainment Tonight, Good Morning America, The Howard Stern Show, E! Entertainment Television Special, The World’s Most Intriguing Women and that’s just to name a few. She has been featured in various national Magazines including People as one of the most touching stories. Kathy has performed both at the Kennedy Center and Carnegie Hall. Won the Ovation award for her one-woman show “Don’t Buck With Me” A sought after motivational speaker, she has inspired people around the world, speaking at corporates, and universities.

She has also been recognized by the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Army for outstanding efforts toward disability employment awareness and is a key motivational speaker for Anthony Robbins’ Life Mastery Classes.

Whether performing in a comedy club, guessing on television, speaking publicly, teaching at camps, or appearing in any number of other settings, Kathy Buckley bears her message that anything can be achieved when the heart and the mind work together. She serves as the national spokesperson for the non-profit organization, “No Limits for Deaf Children” a nationwide theater group, and after school program for low-income families.


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The moderator for the session will be our PWA Professional Development Director, Krisztina Szaraz.
Check-in commences at 6.55 pm, starts at 7.00 pm sharp.

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