November 2020 PWA eConference: Step In, Step Up & Step Out

Wednesday, November 18th, 2020 at 19:30

PWA e-conference

Step In, Step Up, Step Out!


Kass Thomas

If you are on a journey and you are not pleased with the direction it is taking, maybe it is time to change tracks!

Often we enter into a career or job and follow a track that sooner or later does not fulfill us totally. Sure, we might be able to pay the bills, or even make lots of money and have success in the industry. But are we nurturing other areas of our lives? What about our relationships and our joy factor?


 Are you ready to wake up your latent talents and abilities, and share your genius with the world? Is it now the time? Are you willing to transform your life & career, and go from survival to thrival in just 3 easy steps?

What is Step In, Step Up & Step Out?

Step In, Up & Out by Kass Thomas is a program that accompanies you on a journey that can change your life and allow you to shine from the inside out with ease, joy and glory.
Once you connect with yourself and get clarity about what is vital for you, you begin to expand your resources and ignite hidden and subtle talents so that you can enjoy sharing them with the world in a different way. This approach guides you, step by step, to discover many different ways to create a flow in your interactions.
Whether it be interpersonal communications, group encounters, public speaking or digital and online presence, these steps provide the key to establishing authentic connection first with yourself, and then with everyone and everything around you.


Transforming ordinary encounters into an explosion of infinite possibilities
Kass journey with Access Consciousness started in 2003. In 2006 she got her a Certified Facilitator’s license and in 2007, invited the founders, Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer to hold their first European classes in Italy.
Her workshops reach a variety of people and places, live and online including UK, Europe (Croatia, France, Italy, Switzerland, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, Estonia, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, Poland, Czech Republic), Turkey, Israel, Russia, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, New Zealand, Australia, the United States, South America (Brazil, Columbia, Venezuela, Argentina, Ecuador), Canada, Arabian Gulf, Spain, Africa (Morocco, Algeria, Angola, South Africa), Asia (India, Korea, China, and Japan).
In her journey, she has encountered and facilitated over 1,000 workshops and assisted over 10,000 people including Madonna (Singer), Ray Charles (Singer), Denzel Washington (Hollywood Actor), Whoopi Goldberg (Hollywood Actress), Michelle Pfeiffer (Hollywood Actress) and Miles Davis (Musician) as well as Morgan Freeman (who was the best man at her first wedding), and others.

About our speaker

Kass Thomas is a successful, multiple business entrepreneur and motivational speaker who, through both her “7stepsTM to Flawless Communication” and “Dancing with Riches” worldwide best-selling books and programs, has coached people to reach places they never thought possible before.
Kass believes there’s more that unites us than separates us. It is her mission in life to work towards strengthening this unity. How? Humanity can evolve faster when human beings get closer to their core being. Using various approaches, tools and techniques, Kass empowers people by helping them tap into their unique individuality.
Once again, she has created a new project “Step In, Step Up, Step Out” that will allow you to step into your own special talents, step up your abilities to reach your desired goals and step out and share your genius with the world.
Fun, lively, anecdotal, and many times satirical, Kass’ eclectic style of humor is one of her strengths. Her simplistic, non-judgmental demeanor creates space for many skeptics to stage their vulnerabilities in front of an extensive audience.
‘What if the purpose of life is to have fun?’ Kass lives by this question every single day, and inspires others to discover their unique brand of magic.
Participation is open to all registered members and guests. All registered members & guests will receive the instruction to connect via email the day before the conference.
Conference check-in commences at 19.15. The Conference starts at 19.30 and will last for one hour.

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