Wednesday, 16th May 2018 at 19.30 Grand Hotel Palace, Rome

“Wellbeing in the Workplace” – the New Frontiers by Arch Caterina Locati






Can our environment give us something more than aesthetics and functionality? Think about the purpose of your house or your workplace: Do they reflect your personality, or make you feel good? Quantum physics has more of a role in sustainability than we can imagine. Learn more at our next conference.

About our Speaker: Arch. Caterina Locati
After graduating in Architecture and obtaining a Ph.D., she worked as a freelance for several years, and then devoted herself to independent research in the field of indoor well-being, framed within the most recent discoveries in the world of quantum physics.
Creator of Infinity Building Project (, Arch. Caterina Locati is now sharing her knowledge and experience with architects and she’s working as a consultant helping people to improve their well-being at home and at work.
How much can a work environment impact on people’s well-being, productivity and cooperation?  
Today, more and more companies have realized that focusing on employee well-being is key to creating loyalty within the workplace and improving productivity. Yet there is a resource that everyone has available but few are using: the environment, the space.
Interacting in an evolved and conscious way with the working space can bring immediate and lasting benefits to everyone. To do this, we need to be ready to see what might not be so obvious.
In a speech by Winston Churchill in 1943 at the House of Commons, he remarked: “We shape our buildings; then, they shape us “.
Infinity Building
Give a different name from the official one to a project you’re working on. Every day for a week, say “hello” to it before you start working on it. Watch what happens…

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