LEADERSHIP SEMINAR: In the Driver’s Seat

“There comes a time when people have a feeling that change is in the air. We live in such a time”

This was the opening sentence of our latest leadership seminar, In the Driver’s Seat held on May 27th, gracefully presided by Carol Bourg with introductory comments by Antonio Ragusa of Rome Business School, and by Paolo Masini of Roma Capitale – Assessorato Scuola, Sport, Politiche Giovanili e Partecipazione (our patron). The seminar preluded a rich succession of research findings and interviews conducted by PWA members Sonia Biondi, Isabella Cattan and Simona Orlandi. Affectionately nicknamed “the three musketeers”, undaunted during work in progress, these incredibly doted professional women comprising the research team, as they unveiled their results, held close on a hundred affirmed leaders, young and aspiring leaders under their intriguing spell! You could hear a pin drop…

The seminar was moderated by effervescent future PR-sponsorship director, Cristina Barbiero, and with technical support by our indomitable Treasurer, Michelle Bassanesi through her Centro Pilota Event Services company. Personal insights on the four trends of collective leadership were revealed by our Speakers, Daniela Cerboni, Vice President of American Express (our main contributor), Giuseppe Musciacchio of Arena Sportswear, Alessia Guidotti of Lottomatica- IGT, and even via Skype from Dubai, Massimo Falcioni of Coface. An unexpected conclusion were the delightful and surprising video contributions by the group of interviewed children on how they imagine the leaders of the future… one significant opinion being “If I like you, I’ll follow you”. How’s that for innovation on developmental methods?

Our post-event cocktail, artfully prepared by Lucio Petrini of Torlonia Ricevimenti with organic farm ingredients by our sponsor and friend of PWA, Danilo Corazza of Tuscia Gnam, included wine by our previous sponsor, Le Lase, to whom go our sincere thanks. This convivial moment allowed participants not only to network with speakers and guests, but also with PWA partners RBS-Rome Business School on higher education offerings, with EMCC Italia on the professionalization of coaching and mentoring facilitators, and with PWA member coaches and our mentoring programmes.

The feedback surveys qualified the seminar as “excellent” regarding overall appreciation, interest and relevance (close on 90% of sample). Given the interest the seminar received, we are now preparing not only a whitepaper for PWA members, but also a publication and further made-to-measure editions of the Collective Leadership seminar. I’d like to take this opportunity as creator of the project which led to its “mise en scène” to thank every single PWA member for their contributions both behind the scenes and during the event; from graphics to communications, from organization to reception. Thank you for making it happen!