January 2021 PWA eConference: Building Resilience

Wednesday, January 20, 2021 at 18:30

PWA e-conference Building Resilience

Building Resilience:  What really enables individuals & organisations to survive and thrive?

Round-table discussion with

Dr. Raymond Hamden, Catherine Schopfer, Gabrielle Kluck, Sonia Di Battista and Dr. Pier Luigi Spada

This e-Conference aims to give interesting insights on how to build resilience to face challenges and balance our lives so as to avoid burnout especially in times of crisis —like that from the COVID-19 pandemic— and how to respond to stress and adversity differently. These and other related questions will be discussed by our guests at the conference “Building Resilience: What really enables individuals & organisations to survive and thrive?”.

In a competitive world, people often become exhausted and unproductive, misguided and poor in spirit, unhealthy and develop illnesses, lose priorities, and separate from family. Moreover, the shift to working from home has been an adjustment for all.  Spurred by COVID-19, it has affected company policies, managerial styles, mental health, and much more. This shift has been described by most people (and, in particular, women) as the most stressful time in their professional careers.


This is the time to highlight the value of resiliency!


From the challenge of juggling remote work with home responsibilities to losing their jobs, experiencing financial stress, being scared for, or losing a, loved one to the disease, the coronavirus pandemic has taken a toll on employees’ mental and physical health.

With the guidance of our moderator, Dr. Pier Luigi Spada (Surgeon at the Gemelli Hospital in Rome, TV Host RAI 3 & LA7  Health Program), PWA proposes a discussion panel to highlight the value of resiliency.  If you can build your resilience, you’ll have an easier time facing new challenges and earn a valuable skill to offer in times of stress and adversity. Our speakers will present their views on how to build resilience and other main questions related to striving to support women in these challenging times.

An unmissable e-Conference that will give you the right tools to enhance your resilience skills and continue your thriving path, like the Phoenix.

Our Speakers

 Dr. Raymond Hamden, PhDClinical and Forensic Psychologist, Chief Medical Officer at SWISSMEA

Dr. Raymond H. Hamden, an American Psychologist, earned a Ph.D. (1977) and continued post-graduate studies at the Philadelphia School of Modern Psychoanalysis (1980). Post- Doctoral Fellowship in Political Psychology was earned at University of Maryland, Center for International Development & Conflict Management(CID/CM,1986).

With four decades of practicing psychology in more than 30 nations including the MENA region, he has published in peer-reviewed journals, presented before US Congress by invitation served as Chair on professional committees by government summons and has consulted internationally in the areas of clinical, forensic, political psychology, with the working application of diversity and inclusion for all age groups.

Dr. Raymond H. Hamden has also managed for more than 20 years one of the leading psychological institutes and clinics in the Middle East. As a member of Infragard, Dr. Raymond H. Hamden continues as a presenter, consultant, and mentor to academia, corporations, and media globally. He is currently a visiting Professor at the Rome Business School.

 Gabrielle Kluck, MSc, MBA – Director, Ombudsman and Mediation Services at the United Nations WFP

Gabrielle Kluck is the Director of the Ombudsman and Mediation Services for the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP). To the Ombudsman role, she brings experience as a cultural change consultant, as trainer and development specialist, as recruiter, and as a manager, with 13 years of field experience in the Middle East and Africa, where she lived in Syria, Jordan, Sudan, and Uganda before coming to Rome. WFP is her fifth UN organisation, after working almost a decade in the private sector. As Ombudsman she brings constructive and critical change to the benefit of the WFP and its almost 20,000 employees in over 85 countries. Gabrielle interprets the role of Ombudsman as one of a Coach, Influencer, and Innovator, and has provided advice to Ministries, UN entities, and NGOs about the advantages of having a strong Ombudsman who acts as a Change Agent on both individual and organizational levels. Since 2019 she is the Co-Chair of the United Nations Ombudsman Network, and speaks internationally on Leadership and Transformation.

 Pier Luigi Spada, MD, FACS – Surgeon at the Gemelli Hospital in Rome, TV Host RAI 3 & LA7 Health Program

Dr. Pier Luigi Spada is an emergency surgeon at the Gemelli Hospital in Rome, a science communicator, he hosted the programme “Dottori in prima linea” on La7 and the daily program “Tutta Salute” broadcasted on Rai3. Graduated cum laude, he specializes in general surgery. He attended the Trauma Center University of Maryland in Baltimore United States. Dr. Spada has volunteered as a doctor in some health centers, in Bosnia during the Balkan war, Kenya and Bolivia. He is currently an attendant at the emergency surgery unit of the Gemelli Polyclinic in Rome, and he is also a coordinator in various initiatives including ATLS (Advanced Trauma Life Support). Dr. Spada coordinates a post-graduate master degree in surgical sepsis at the school of medicine – Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Rome.

 Catherine Schopfer – Food Science Engineer & Founder | Cancer Coach

Having a passion for healing, Catherine Schopfer, cancer survivor, life transformer, and mindset coach, speaks from experience. Expert in resilience and using a holistic approach, she helps people around the world to overcome the challenge of cancer and thrive fully ever after.

Catherine believes that a life challenge can also be the springboard to reinvent one’s life.

Before finding her true calling, Catherine trained as a food science engineer and worked in the corporate world for 20 years. She’s been a Life & Business Coach for more than 10 years and lives with her partner in Zurich, Switzerland.

 Sonia Di Battista – Diversity & Inclusion Global Manager at ENEL Group

Sonia Di Battista is working for ENEL since 2002, currently Sonia is the Diversity & Inclusion Global Manager.  Her career evolved in the field of Human Resources where she designed, implemented, and managed various managerial training projects. She is responsible for Diversity & Inclusion global monitoring and best practices, implementation and sharing of D&I global management.

Sonia holds a Master’s degree in Communication from the University of Rome La Sapienza. She loves making things possible, giving hope, and inspiring new possibilities.

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