Mirela Cojocaru

Newsletter Editor
Born and raised in Romania, Mirela majored in Business Administration and pursued the rest of her studies in Rome after winning a full scholarship for a Finmeccanica Corporate Master’s in International Business Engineering. She is a Marketing and Sales Professional with over 13 years of experience, out of which 10 years in the Defence and Aerospace sector alone, working both with the private and public sector.
Few years ago she took a Master’s Degree in Peace Building Management focusing on negotiation and conflict resolution, to help her understand and manage better the continuous geopolitical changes happening in the world today. She’s also a qualified civilian by the Italian Red Cross as a Humanitarian Rights Counselor.
After a decade spent interfacing with various ranks of the military, in particular in Europe and US, she holds them in highest respect while being grateful to them for the “invisible push” received to develop her own professional method for thriving as a woman in a men’s (mostly) territory.
Having lived and especially worked in a highly international environment, she considers herself a “citizen of the world”, always with the suitcase ready for a new experience, but convinced that her home will always remain Rome. For this she’s enjoying the multicultural nature of PWA and is happy to have a higher involvement in the association as Newsletter Editor.
  • Resilience
  • Enthusiasm
  • True friendship