Roberta Vivenzio

 Digital Marketing Director

Roberta Vivenzio has joined the Professional Women Association of Rome (PWA) in 2020 although she used to attend the association’s networking events as a non-member in pre-pandemic years.

She is a global media professional with solid experience in the energy/renewables, telecoms, new techs, and financial services industries with a strong focus on innovation and sustainability.

She believes that communicating effectively is not a downstream activity but an upstream, powerful asset that can actively contribute to the success of any organization only when embedded within its strategy and vision. She has spent most of her professional career in male-dominated industries, quite often being “the only woman in the room”, no matter at what latitude the room was located. Such experience has further shaped her commitment towards women empowerment, genre diversity, and inclusion in work and life environments.

She has had the chance to work in very dynamic industries and she grew passionate about her job to the point that she turned into a champion of climate action and she is now deeply convinced that “doing well is also doing good” so that businesses can be sustainable and profitable at the same time.

As a Digital Marketing Director, she would like to build more awareness around our association by setting standards of clear, friendly, and informal communications enabling strong, communal bonds within the association and, at the same time, raise its profile externally to attract increasingly inspiring members and fruitful partnerships.

Let’s move altogether towards a truly new, more sustainable, and authentic world.