Morgana Mastrocinque is a Purchasing Manager & Fixed Costs Controller in Ford of Italy S.p.A: responsible for budget, forecasts, financial reports, Suppliers handling, audit activities, etc.

Morgana Mastrocinque


Morgana Mastrocinque has over 20 years of management experience in the automotive field. She has held various roles in the Italian location of Ford Motor Company (Service & parts , Sales, Dealer Development, Quality, Pricing , Finance , Purchasing).

Graduated in Public Administration Management, MBA in International Business, she is also a Counselor in Organizational Transactional Analysis (*) and a Practitioner in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). Being passionate about neurosciences and people management, she is presently attending a Master in Transactional Analysis (*) to furtherly enhance her relational and leadership competencies. She had a career break for few years and moved to Brussels, where she was responsible (for the Italian Delegation) for NATO Charity activities; she was also active in connecting Italian women living in Belgium, through dedicated Networking activities (on the model of PWA), in a stimulating international and cross-cultural environment.

She joined PWA a couple of years ago as a member, and served as “Treasurer” for the last year.
In her professional and personal life, she always concentrated on women’s empowerment and concrete gender equality.
Winner of the Global 2022 DEI Award Ford Motor Company, founder and leader of the Employee Resource Group “Women of Ford Italy”, her goal is to act as a change-maker in real business.

She is married, a mother of 2 girls (aged 14 and 17), and loves martial arts, practicing Karate for many years now.

(*)Transactional Analysis counseling, in the organizational / business context, is an effective tool for human resources and managerial training.