Luisa Lopez is a dynamic, curious and empathetic person, who advocates for sustainable development, inclusion, innovation and women’s empowerment through Information and Communication Technologies

Luisa Lopez

Content Manager & Newsletter Editor


Luisa Lopez joined the Professional Women’s Association of Rome last year and is thrilled to serve PWA at her best. She is a senior Digital Transformation Advisor and Innovation Project Manager with over 15 years progressive experience working in the digital transformation, communications and marketing fields, and leading multidisciplinary/multicultural teams. She strongly believes that women are a powerful resource of support for other women; therefore she has always an openhearted attitude to teamwork with other professional women.
Luisa is also a compassionate, creative, and curious person, who has passion for social media marketing, travel and books. She is half Italian, half Ecuadorian, born in a multicultural family that traveled a lot.
She studied and worked in five different countries building long-lasting contact networks, being adaptive and flexible to engage with people with different backgrounds and interests. Therefore she is always glad to get involved in new business ideas and projects.

Her working experience has been developed over the years while working in both Public and Private Sectors, as well as in International Organizations including the UNDP and UNIFEM (in Italy and abroad), collaborating in relevant projects to assure women’s access to education and ITs, and mentoring on business entrepreneurship.
Currently, she is working independently, as consultant, and settling down her life with her family in Rome.

In her personal and professional life, she has always advocated for inclusion, human rights, innovation and women’s entrepreneurship. She is confident that this new experience inside PWA will help her to build strong network synergies and lifelong friendships.

Luisa Lopez