Wednesday, 16th January 2019 at 19.30 Grand Hotel Palace, Rome


Investigating Challenges & Opportunities
in a Space Environment

Susanne Mecklenburg
Satellite Mission Manager, European Space Agency

Space is a place of infinite possibilities, greatly impacting our daily lives in many ways. In this lively and hands-on talk, the European Space Agency’s Susanne Mecklenburg will expand our view on space. Based on her expansive experience as a satellite mission manager, she will speak about how she made it to her current position at ESA and the tasks and satisfactions of supervising two major satellite missions.

This may sound somewhat technical. In reality, the data collected by these satellites is providing us with invaluable information in our every day ventures. One important example is how our climate changes, affecting us all. Space really is everywhere.

For more women to reach similar positions, role models may be indispensable. Susanne will expand on this question, investigating the particular challenges and opportunities women face working in a space-oriented environment. Parts of her presentation will be based on her own, personal experience. Other parts were culled from feedback from the next generation of women in space, thus sheding some light into how the experience has changed over recent years.

It is a talk that will leave you with inspiration and insight – regardless of whether you’re looking for a career in space or not.

Our Speaker, Satellite Mission Manager Susanne Mecklenburg

After completing studies in Hydrology in Dresden & Zurich, Susanne Mecklenburg started working for the UK Natural Environment Research Council, a partner of the British National Space Centre. As UK delegate to the European Space Agency, she initially collaborated with ESA and went on to supervise two satellite missions: SMOS and Sentinel 3. Her responsibility is to coordinate the team, ensure the satellites’ full function, and encourage the use of its data to maintain the chain of life.




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