Editor’s Note: Luisa Lopez – March 2021

March is the month to celebrate women’s presence in the world!
PWA has been working to give new professional development opportunities to its members. A whole bunch of special events, articles, and exclusive partnerships to offer you the best of the PWA experience: International Women’s Day, this year has followed the theme “Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world”. The theme celebrates the remarkable efforts by women and girls around the globe to shape a more equitable future and the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. PWA is aligned on this theme while organizing its events.
We have a number of exciting updates this month to give your spring a productive jump-start.  From the cover page of our online magazine dedicated to the PWA Woman of the Year 2020 Award winner, our President: Gerlie Saura, the new Editor’s Note in the News section of our website, exclusive access to scholarships and executive education opportunities with our very high quality partners, and the unmissable ConneXion event hosting the W20 Italian Management Team, happening today, online, at 18:30 CET. Have you registered yet?
Opportunities and a better world are reserved to those who dare. Imagine an authoritative expert getting in the company’s building wearing a white shinning coat, false moustache, and a red clown nose. The top management staff was waiting for him in the meeting room.  We were talking about work to be done for the next World Tourism and Travel Exhibitions in which we decided to participate that year, when this man entered in the room.
Glances fly diagonally, raising giggles. Office “harmony” was bewildered, by his totally unsettling look. He was the expert hired to lead a Team Building session: what does this man have in mind? Why that costume? “To disorient giving a moment of happiness and relaxation”, he explained. Reputation concerns: zero. His speech started like this: “If you are good at your job, you don’t have to be afraid”. Great lesson for all of us!

Photographer: Fabio Nodari

There is no point in being on your toes about what others think if we believe in our truth. As the Sarah Knight’s enlightening book “The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F@@k” stands: “worry only about the things you can control, not about the things you cannot intervene on”. Practice using the “not sorry” method proposed in the book, or follow leadership advice: “be strong, be confident because each person is unique”, suggested by the PWA President, Gerlie Saura, when I interviewed her for the Women of the Year Award 2020 winner’s article.
In this month full rich with PWA high-level events, dedicated to the celebration of the International Women’s Day, there should be a little something for everyone in the PWA agenda. Check out this month’s release note about the next PWA B.O.L.D. Program in the Events section of our website.  Register, and save the date to keep up with the PWA Professional Development Program!
Every month our newsletter, The People We Are, an online magazine dedicated to inform you and bring to you all the best of PWA’s activities and events, will share key information and special notes about the PWA Community. The hottest happening right now is the contributions made by the PWA Vice President, Florencia Barbieri, to create a Book Reading Community, in the News section of our website, aimed to boost your passion for reading and enhance your desire to contribute to our Association by sharing your favorite books with us, through your very own review.
PWA offers countless contribution opportunities to those with fearless spirit from others judgement. Usually, especially at work, we are afraid to change; we fear the opinion of the boss, colleagues, in general, social disapproval. So let’s learn the art of lightness: resize your inner judge and leave room for the queen in you. The mind is like a barn: empty it; remove a few sacks of perfectionism and make room for improvisation. An exercise that in music is not by chance considered an art, a brilliant gift!
Give time, hard work, efforts and heart’s passion to PWA and you will not go unnoticed. Your active participation is a synonym of determination, passion and persistence, so you could conquer too your place at the Association and, who knows, perhaps be the next PWA Woman of the Year. Dare with no fear: You could be the next!

By Luisa Lopez
March 2021

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