ILO Win-Win Programme – Survey

ILO SURVEY – Win-Win Programme
PWA supports the International Labor Organization (ILO) and UN Women joint programme named Win-Win Programme by asking all its Community to take part in the study.
Therefore, we are here to invite you to participate in a quantitative study aimed at businesswomen and female executives of the European Union within the Win-Win Programme framework “Gender equality means good business”. It is an International Labor Organization (ILO) and UN Women joint programme, funded by the European Union and in collaboration with the International Employers Organization (IOE).
The objective of this survey is to identify needs and interests and assess their relevance among women entrepreneurs and executives in the European Union, in order to develop an agenda of topics of common interests that jointly reflects the perspectives of women from Latin America and Caribe and its peers in the European Union. These are the topics that will be developed during the meeting to be held on March 11, 2021, 14.00 h to 15.30 Geneva, Switzerland // 8 am Jamaica// 10:00 am Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay, where we hope to have your valuable presence.
The information that you provide us will be treated confidentially. The data that you provide will be treated under statistical secrecy, turning into reports only in an aggregate manner, without identifying your company.
This survey will take 8 minutes to complete. Please answer each question based on your own honest experience and opinion.
The survey can be answered in Spanish and English, being able to select the language of your preference in the upper right margin. It will be very much appreciate it if you answer it before February 20th, 2021.
Please click on the following link to answer the survey: 
We appreciate the time you spent answering this short survey.
Thank you for your participation,
The PWA Team

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