Cecilia Sandroni is a cross-cultural international PR & journalist and founder of ItaliensPR in Berlin (2018), a global press platform driven by the belief that arts and human rights education are a major force for growth, development and change globally. Cecilia has dedicated her life to cross-cultural communication and journalism: She is member of Foreign Press of Rome in Italy (as ItaliensPR); Correspondent in Italy of the German newspaper The DeutchItalia; Past member of Jerusalem Press Club and Former Antenna journalist for OSCE.

Over the last few years there have been prestigious assignments for Cecilia, among which International PR for the restoration project of the Basilica of the Nativity in Bethlehem, jury of the Grand Prix of the Foreign Press in Italy, from 2018 to 2020, Ordinary Lady of the community of the Archconfraternity of the Guelph Part, who briefly met the Pope in 2019 (with the Foreign Press), actually even before this meeting, Cecilia had already met the Pope in 2016, together with the restorers of the Basilica of the Nativity in Bethlehem, on the special occasion of giving the Pope a unique book that collects all the photos of the restoration process.
In addition, Cecilia is Press member of the Antonino Caponnetto Foundation, Member of Foreign Press in Italy, International PR/Press Responsible for the Franco Zeffirelli Foundation, and supporter of many beneficence organisations, like Milano 25 Onlus.

With a semiotic background in theatre and graduated summa cum laude from University of Florence in Languages and Literature, History of Theatre, Cecilia is an expert in international relations in the communication field. Her skills range from theater-cinema, to photography, to restoration, with a special passion for human rights.  A person capable to develop and reinvent herself in thousands of ways, Cecilia Sandroni is a very active professional woman, whose vision addresses actions and intends to help people to realize them.

Cecilia considers herself as an independent, creative, and concrete woman, with a strong ability to solve problems, in her words “Nothing stops me because I know how to be calm in moments of crisis, I have great self-control. These personal characteristics have driven her to be in the first row of the Italian foreign press panorama, collaborating with important Italian and foreign institutions for the realization of cultural and civil projects, and finally pursued her to found ItaliensPR.

ItaliensPR is a peer-reviewed platform devoted to cross-cultural, human rights projects, based in Berlin. It aims to broaden the discourse within the field of human rights by stimulating dialogue on understanding diverse cultures, enhancing education and protecting human rights. In this respect, its publications and cultural projects focus on how human rights are implemented through social and cultural institutions.

ItaliensPR contributes significantly to the discussion and dissemination of fresh and vital information in the fields of human rights and culture: culture, the powerful foundation upon which our worldviews are shaped. Actually, Cecilia and her team at ItaliensPR offer specialized consultancy in the fields of journalism, media and institutional relations in culture and human rights. They strongly support education as an imperative to the promotion of human rights.

The values, dreams and visions of Cecilia inspire and uplift all involved in ItaliensPR and their endeavours.

For Cecilia, culture is the most important tool for peace and stability in the world and constitutes the set of values that gives meaning to the community. Therefore, Cecilia has set cultural diplomacy and heritage as ItaliensPR’s milestones in order to create networks of intercultural connections among humans.  In fact, Cecilia considers that cultural diplomacy represents one of the most advanced and articulated forms of soft power. This is why diplomacy itself without the use of an element of culture is unimaginable for Cecilia.

Extensive research studies stand that cultural diplomacy, when learned and applied at all levels, possesses the unique ability to influence the “Global Public Opinion” and the ideology of individuals, communities, cultures or nations, which can accelerate the realization of five fundamental principles: Respect & Recognition of Cultural Diversity & Heritage; Global Intercultural Dialogue; Justice, Equality & Interdependence; The Protection of International Human Rights; and Global Peace, Stability and Progress. ItaliensPR has embraced these statements and has agglomerated a group of talented multi-cultural professionals with like-minded ideas.

Cecilia reveals that ItaliensPr is a platform that aims to producing and promoting international projects and initiatives, just like PWA does. Just like PWA have been doing for more than 3 decades, and still doing it. Hence, Cecilia decided to become a PWA member.  When applying for a PWA membership she shared her thoughts about our Association: “I consider PWA a great willingness to team up, forming a positive lobby, humbly making available PWA’s Members skills to bring out to the world merit, skills and competences in favor of other fellow women everywhere, unconditionally . For me, it would be an honor to be part of the PWA’s Community”.

Referring to the members of ItaliensPr, she says: “We think differently, we build customer loyalty consistently because we make our missions meaningful. ItaliensPR promotes and believes in portable career, as a passport to ensure cross-cultural journalism from every corner of the globe. It is in our team’s DNA, and our history as a team. Integrity, truth, inspiration, innovation, and ethical communication are our driving forces”.
Definitely, Cecilia’s statements are totally in line with PWA’s mindset and values, so actually, she is already an active PWA member giving her contribution to enhance the visibility of our Association. This is the beginning of a mutual growth path.


By Luisa Lopez
January 2021

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