SURVEY on Women’s Network and Dynamics
PWA supports Niccolò Cusano University’s studies on women’s networks and asks all its communities to take part in the study. The results of the study will be published and presented in the presence of the Italian government with a recognition of our Association’s participation.
Thank you for your participation,
PWA Partnership Director
Herein the Niccolò Cusano University request:
“Dear Colleague,
It would be your generosity to respond to the questionnaires and also distribute it among your colleagues, and networks.
I am Priscilla Lezoche and I’m conducting this research in collaboration with the Organizational Behaviour chair of Professor Marco Valeri and Leslie Fadlon at Niccolò Cusano University.
We would like to ask you if you would be so kind as to complete the following online questionnaire of a research study designed to investigate the importance of the network in the competitive dynamics between companies that are managed or founded by women in our country. This could be useful to enhance them more than before and to highlight their strategic importance within the Italian economic system.
Then, it would be really interesting to present the findings of the research during a conference / seminar in the presence of Italian government representatives.
Be sure that all the personal data provided from the questionnaire will be kept strictly confidential in our reports. Your personal data will not be disclosed nor used for any other purpose than educational research.
Your input is really important for our study.
Please respond to this questionnaire;
Thank you in advance for your help and cooperation.
Priscilla Lezoche
Thank you for your valuable participation, PWA.

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