Woman of the Year – Rules of Eligibility


PWA’s success as an Association is due to the participation of its members: professional women who, over the years, have contributed to its growth, its credibility and reputation. Each woman, through her membership has helped to make PWA a special entity, leaving a trace for a new member to follow. PWA WOMAN OF THE YEAR is about this special woman, whose example other women respect and perhaps are willing to emulate.



How to participate:

Just be a part of PWA – all members are automatically potential Women of the Year: leave your imprint by participating in the activities in our Event Calendar. If you think you can do more – be our guest,  we welcome your support. Play the game – we’ll keep the score.  

The winner of the Woman of the Year will receive public appreciation at our Summer Party, testified by a special toast and celebration cake in her honor, a silver award plaque, plus a gift membership for the following year. She will also have the opportunity to invite ONE free guests to each  PWA conference for that year.

The successful candidate will be on cover page and the subject of a special feature in our Newsletter.

Rules of eligibility 


  1. Membership regularly paid for current year
  2. Participation in minimum 50% Conference meetings
  3. Participation in minimum 50% ConneXions/social events

OPTIONAL EXTRA POINTS towards Nominations

  1. Introduction minimum 2 professional women to PWA resulting in regular membership status
  2. Achievement of objective in own business/professional capacity i.e. promotion or outstanding achievement 
  3. Instrumental in creating value for PWA via procurement of benefits, Friends of PWA, conference sponsorship, in-kind donations, or full sponsorship (own or third party)
  4. Contributions to Newsletter via articles and/or presentation of own business.

Winner adjudication

  1. Treasurer vote 1= credit rating
  2. Programming vote 1 = willing to learn, competitive
  3. Social events vote 1 = social/culture chic
  4. Membership vote 1 = loyalty
  5. PR & Sponsorship votes 1 each = commercial skills
  6. Media/Communications (Newsletter) vote 1 = marketing & communication skills
  7. Vice President vote 1 = ambition
  8. President vote 2 = outstanding achievement
  9. Secretary & Members’ votes 2 (1st & 2nd choice) = popularity consensus

Terms & Duration

All member activity will be deemed valid until the date of our last Conference in May.  Votes will be cast by Board and Members as mentioned in the paragraph on Winner Adjudication to coincide with the election of the new Board.
Communication of potential candidates eligible for the popularity votes and final scrutiny to determine the winner is competence of Board Secretary upon collection of members’ votes. The President and likewise all members have the right to 2 votes which may be given to the same person, alternatively to 2 different people as 1st and 2nd choices. In the eventuality of a draw between two candidates, a 2nd ballot must be held within 24 hours of the 1st. The winner will be announced by the President at the June Party, via e-mail to the successful candidate and all members.


For the season 2020 – 2021, the Winter Queen nominees are:

  • Mirela Cojocaru
  • Raffaella Di Primio
  • Luisa Lopez
  • Marzia Paciantoni
  • Milena Padula
  • Cristiana Rescigno
  • Cecilia Sandroni
  • Krizstina Szaraz
  • Tatiana Wartuschova

Whoever tracks the process (Board team member, Member or PWA friend) will automatically be excluded from both awards, Winter Queen and Woman of the Year.

Any questions or clarifications regarding this initiative may be addressed to info@pwarome.org quoting the subject “PWA Woman of the Year”

Good luck – and may the best woman win! 


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