PWA approaches the Women’s Inclusion project starting from the beginning in 2018, really wanting to support and pursue, in a unified manner, the objectives of female employment and representation, essential to stimulate the economic and social growth of our country, above all by overcoming the inequality of the sexes.
With our new annual theme, Thriving Through Transformations, given to generate inclusive leadership, break down all forms of inequality, use empathy to connect with others and trust in what we do, we want, more than ever, to contribute to rethinking our professional contribute by creating more occasions to collaborate among all the other associations of ID, sailing all together successfully toward our collective future.
PWARome is honored to be part of InclusioneDonna, created to integrate all the associations with female interests able to offer to the institutions a representative interlocutor for decisions on gender policies, in particular those in favor of policies for female employment and the increase in gender representation in all decision-making areas.
InclusioneDonna is a national movement, coordinated and conceived by Sila Mochi, to create an inclusive network of all women’s associations, to date just over 60, more Ambassadors who, at the national level, contribute to enhancing the community, in order to pursue and to support in a unified way the objectives of employment and female representation, considered fundamental for stimulating the economic and social growth of the country and overcoming the inequalities of power and opportunities between the sexes.
In direct collaboration with the current Minister for Equal Opportunities, Elena Bonetti, thanks to InclusioneDonna, we all work together to concretely implement actions that support all women in favor of obtaining social and economic models based on a more equitable gender balance.

#InclusioneDonna is a spontaneous initiative that started independently in May 2018 with a strong determination to bring together women’s Voices. Our mission is to become a forum that aggregates Associations serving women’s interests, as well as to offer a representative mouthpiece for the Institutions in decisions revolving around gender politics, in particular those pertaining to employment policies for Women and the increase in gender Representation in all decision-making areas. The goal is to synthesize priorities and monitor results of positive actions put in place by the Associations, in order to overcome social and economic models that have entered an irreversible crisis.