The Legacy after a three years Presidency


The technique of kintsugi – which means “union with gold” – dates back to the fifteenth century and, more precisely, to the enlightened government of the Eighth Shogun of Japan (1435-1490). According to an ancient legend, desperate because his favourite cup broke into a thousand pieces, the ruler sent it to China to have it repaired. The object returned home hideously patched. He did not lose his heart and entrusted the cup to the loving care of local artisans, who decided to transform the damaged container into a jewel, filling the cracks with lacquer and gold dust.

Beyond the myth, what amazes me is the symbolism of this story: the implicit invitation not to hide our wounds, fragility, defects. It seems to me an encouragement to proudly show the signs made on the battlefield named life in the months of the pandemic. Even PWA had to face the blows of isolation, as an inescapable challenge. I believe we will all soon realise that these traumatic challenges and experiences of the existence of a community make us better, stronger and more aware.

My presidency ends in a moment of sudden and profound disruption. I am convinced that I am leaving the leadership of our association in careful and prepared hands and very proud of the community we have become in the past three years. I would like to leave the legacy of kintsugi as an emblem of life and the essence of resilience: a courageous determination to enhance each experience, turning it into a conquest.

Valentina Ferretti

PWA President

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  • Dear President, you have accomplished extraordinary results and you have to be very proud of Yourself
    I hope that we can celebrate with a “Goodbye Party even in September to celebrate all the wonderful memories and goals achieved during your presidency

  • Gabrielle Kluck
    23 May 2020 8:49

    Dear Valentina,
    Thank you for your meaningful goodbye message to us, and for the impact you have made on PWA and on us these last three years. For me you have been a graceful, humble leader who with heart and integrity created a welcome space, together with your team, for us to connect, exchange and celebrate. 🙏🏽⭐️🌹

  • Antonella Tana
    31 May 2020 14:41

    Dear Valentina, I did not have much chance to join PWA, thus to share more with you, yet I appreciate your words and commitment. Kintsugi is a beautiful philosophy! It is the highest form of awareness that imperfection is indeed beauty…uniqueness and opportunity! It is a conscious change of perspective! It is not only resilience but grace…that to go above conventions and appearances. Thank you and best of luck for your future undertakings! Hugs, Antonella


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