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The bright side of Coronavirus

It’s officially a month that I am locked down at home like many others.

During last zoom meeting I had been talking with my colleagues: they are all pretty bored and I heard them saying something like “Oh Gosh, I can’t wait to be back in action” “I miss having the ritual coffee at the coffee machine” “I miss aperitif…I can’t stand this isolation anymore…”

In order to fit in the group-chat I found myself saying sentences like: “Oh yes you are right” “Yes, true, I’m so bored” “I can’t wait to get back to my daily life”

But then, when I shut down the zoom application I went in the living room where my boyfriend was working and I hugged him and said: “I don’t want this lock down to finish”

Do not get me wrong.

I really, really hope this situation will end soon.

I have been personally affected by the Covid-19 crisis and my biggest dream is that we destroy the virus.

But the truth is that nothing will be the same, and I am happy there will be a change in our daily way of living.

For some reason (and I know it sounds crazy) the quarantine has been a gift to me!

Staying at home for more than 8 hours per day doesn’t have only bad sides. 

I will explain you why.

I have the opportunity to:  do grocery shop and cook fresh vegetables; plan week meals (avoiding to waste food); read at least one hour per day; do a facial mask; watch a documentary and then do research online about it; keep track with world news (it’s nice to know what is happening!); talk to my family regularly and not only by text messages; talk to my friends; do yoga lesson; take an English course online; work; draw; think; pause…

It has been years without me doing all that.

It has been years of running, worrying about “not having enough time”.

How often we say “The day should be made of 48h. 24 are not enough”.

But, is it really true?

Or, maybe, we must admit that we (as the whole society) have been spinning like hamsters on their wheel, without realising that we weren’t going anywhere interesting?

So, yes: I am not bored of staying home.

I will use this time of my life to plan a different future: it’s a lot of work apparently!

I hope this few lines helped readers to realise that – even in dark times – there is always a bright side!

by Gaia Nina Marano


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