Teachings from the quarantine period

We asked our members some questions to help us better understand how they’re coping with the mandatory quarantine. Here are some of the answers received:

What stay-at-home activities are you enjoying during your free time to contrast anxiety and stress resulting from this temporarily forced isolation?

Schedule a video intercom session at 6pm with 3 different friends every day.  Gymnastics on the terrace, preparing food with my son and taking advantage of a few more hours of sleep without the alarm. (Valentina Ferretti, PWA President)

What will you do different as soon as we all come out of this?  

I will love the little things of the normal day more. Fewer routines, more free choices.  I will enrol in Civil Protection. (V.F.)

What are the positive things coming out for you from being at home? 

Being able to connect with my immediate family – husband and sons – fully and profoundly. Starting to appreciate simple things and the marvellous freedom we’ve always had but taken for granted: the fact of being able to go out of the house whenever we want. (Hanna Suni, PWA Marketing Consultant)

What online experiences are you discovering thanks to this period? 

Podcasts “Hot flashes” and TedTalks (H.S.)

Which book do you suggest to read and which one are you reading right now?

I would recommend reading Kafka’s Die Verwandlung (Metamorphosis). It’s about someone whose world from one day into the other changes dramatically. It’s also about a confined space that gets smaller and about connecting with loved ones in an entirely different context. Finally, Gregor, the protagonist, reflects on the unnötigen Gedanken that go on in his mind. I have to say, I have a lot of those unnecessary thoughts currently. (Paul Vanderbroeck, PWA friend)

What kindness do you see around?

Since the confinement, I got to watch a couple in their late 80’s strolling for about 10 minutes every day, within the allowed distance, holding hands, all rolled-up in masks, scarfs and avoiding any contact with others but themselves. I almost see the love and kindness vaporising around them, as they struggle to keep some of their mobility while blocked in their homes. (Mirela Cojocaru, PWA Newsletter Editor)

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