Calls to PWA Members and Friends


Thanks to Rome Business School and PWA partnership, interested PWA members and friends could support an internship to one student of RBS. Internships must be in English as RBS students are from an international background.

The length is min 3 months, max. 6 months.

Logistics of the internship:

Once the company/entrepreneur shares an internship vacancy with RBS, RBS team will share the opportunity with their students who will need to submit CV and cover letter for the company/entrepreneur to select the best fit. An internship agreement will be   signed by all the parties, the school, the company and the student. Should you have any questions, please send an email to


Rome Business School offers a full scholarship to one of its exclusive Executive Education Short Courses. All members and friends interested in applying to the full scholarship shall follow the process indicated below:

– Scholarship requestor shall submitan a formal essay, describing the motivation for the application to PWA team

– Once PWA gives its approval, the application will be send to RBS

– The final acceptance responsibility lies solely with RBS


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