More hope for Rome

I met many foreigners that decided to spend their life in Italy to follow love. I did the same. My great love was not some handsome Italian man, but the city of Rome. I still recall the thrills I felt the first moment I set my eyes on Rome: it was me, my best friend and the Colosseum. We were on the Oppio Hill and the view was breathtaking. In my early 20s, in that moment I knew Rome was my place in this world. 15 years after, many other amazing cities visited, Rome still makes me skip a beat…even when I am stuck in traffic, because I can raise my eyes and see Circo Massimo watched over by the Palatine hill. But Rome needs to be treated better.

When John Cabot University, PWA’s partner, invited us to attend the launch of the Civil Service School (Scuola Servizio Civico) it was an opportunity I wouldn’t miss. Idea of an ex-mayor of Rome, Scuola Servizio Civico has received the back-up of important universities in Rome. Sapienza University, Roma Tre, LUISS and John Cabot are committed to bring their pro-bono contribution to creating a well-prepared class of professionals that could project Rome to the future. 

Digitalisation, the management of public works starting from an in-depth knowledge of the regulations, the administration of all beauties of Rome are just a few of the topics the School for Civil Service will tackle during the courses offered.

Recent university graduates and professionals with consolidated experience are the school’s target and they will acquire skills through a model that will focus on Learning by doing, through a mix of practical and theoretical classes. A real passion for Rome and a strong motivation to practical learning are the non-negotiable skills needed to apply.

Candidacy will be open through the school’s website and the organisers showed a keen interest in receiving suggestions, support, active participation to make this project successful.

Donations are welcome and encouraged.

By Mirela Cojocaru

Newsletter Editor

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