“Meno occupate  Meno pagate”

” Employed Less Paid Less ” is the title of the meeting promoted by #inclusionedonna to present a 10-points program to the institutions and to say no to discrimination in the world of work, professions and businesses.

A delegation of PWA attended the meeting and PR Director Gaia Nina Marano was among the speakers.

For the first time 50 female associations, a network of over 40 thousand women active as professionals, employees or entrepreneurs from the North down to the South of Italy, have met representatives of the Italian institutions: Ministry of Economic Development (MISE), Ministry for Equal Opportunities and Members of Parliament.

Data are discouraging: women study considerably and are less employed or self-employed. For every 100 men enrolled for a three-year bachelor’s degree, there are 140 women, against a world average of 93 (Global Gender Report). However, the proportions are reversed when entering the working field where, in the 20-64 age group, women have an employment rate of 51.6%, compared to 71.7% of men.

#inclusionedonna presented several official proposals to the Italian Government: income support for working mothers, extended and mandatory paternity leave, adjustment of parental leave in line with EU directives and a permanent parliamentary commission for equal opportunities.

In addition, all the 50 associations members of #INCLUSIONEDONNA ask the institutions to encourage female entrepreneurship with practical actionable measures like borrowing incentives and tax facilitations.

In #inclusionedonna, PWA represents both Italian and international instances with the aim of making Italy an equal workplace for International Professional women living and working in this country.