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Election time in PWA is often an uphill moment as we struggle to find new leaders. The board asked me to stay one more year and I would like to leverage their trust  to create new leaders for the upcoming season in a collective perspective.

As you climb the corporate/association ladder it’s incredibly important to remember to throw down a rope. This is especially true for women leaders. Women recognize more and more that the days of women fighting for the one available executive role are behind us. Rather, women helping women is a responsibility, not a choice. Why must we help other women succeed? What responsibility does each of us have in paving the way for those who follow us? How can women leaders provide organizational and personal support? 

Implementing a buddy system in our environment not only provides benefits for young women and new members, but it can also be valuable to women in general by affirming their leadership qualities. Providing a buddy ensures that a new member has someone to talk to and learn from.  

Fast forward, the advantages of a buddy system may accelerate the growth of young members and enhance job satisfaction, making it easier to retain individuals. Such a system helps build an immediate personal connection between women and our organization. It also transmits a positive perspective on leadership.

I welcome your feedback and look forward to your comments. 

Be a part of it,

Valentina Ferretti

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