Lazioinnova initiative “Innovazione Sostantivo Femminile” has reached its fourth edition!

For 2019, € 1 million is available to support the development and creation of women’s businesses in the sectors of life sciences and well-being, energy and the environment, agribusiness, sustainable mobility, digital fabrication, home automation and sustainable construction, cultural heritage and technologies of the culture, digital creative industries, aerospace, security and protection, social innovation.

And SheTech Italy, a community founded with the aim of supporting women in technology, digital and entrepreneurship, is organizing on September 24th an event dedicated to help understand better this initiative from the practical point of view.

During the event, which will be in Italian, there will be presented the main contents of the Call:

  1. Who are the recipients
  2. Purposes and Projects and eligible costs
  3. Procedures and terms for submitting requests
  4. Approval method


Laura Maria Rizzo, She Tech Chapter Lead Rome

Angela Carfa, Accountant and Project Designer

Giorgia Molinari, She Tech Communication Lead Rome

Stefania Porcedda, She Tech Event Manager Rome

Location: Il Seminterrato via Siena , 2 Rome

Tickets: Free contribution to support SheTech and its initiatives

She Tech Italy’s activities are members’ reserved. Any non associated are welcome to take part in the event and support with a contribution all the projects active in the cities of Milan and Rome in favor of women’s empowerment in the digital and STEAM area.

More info on FB and here to be registered to the workshop.