Our April conference, Creating a future through Syrian catering, with Hummustown was full of positive surprises. We were able to look behind the scenes of a beautiful project that was born out of compassion and passion and that is helping more and more young people to create a better future for themselves and their families.

Our speakers Shaza and Loma Saker, the founders of Hummustown, brought with them two of their young collaborators, Jiana from Idlib and Obay from Damascus, who shared their touching stories with us.

They all let us peek into a world where collaboration is creating opportunities and were tradition is combined with the search for a new future. A context where learning to run a catering service teaches young people not only the skills and the discipline they need, but also how to integrate themselves in a very different cultural context.

Last but not least, together, PWA and Hummustown, organized a little surprise present for everyone in the audience, some nice pieces of olive soap and little gift boxes from Damascus.

Now the only thing that is missing to complete the exploration is to taste their delicious food, which is easily done as Hummustown is organizing an Aperitivo every Friday in Piazza Bernini, 20.
Make sure you let them know that you are coming, so that they can prepare well.

For information and reservation please contact yummy@hummustown.com and then just enjoy….