PWA partnered with the Rome Business School in the first ever Rome Innovation Summit held on April 17th in the  Auditorium in Via Veneto. RBS brought together the world’s biggest leaders and decision makers in the Innovation industry, with the aim of sharing successful practices, models and ideas that are shaping our future.

The full-day event started off with President Antonio Ragusa welcoming participants and introducing the morning session leader, Lucy Adams, CEO of Disruptive HR, who spoke about the challenges of a disrupted world of work and why we need new capabilities and mindsets to cope with the new demands brought by digitalization and globalization. She presented the EACH model “Employees as Adults, Consumers and Humans” and included several practical examples of how organisations are innovating in this area. She kept the audience attentive for three hours through her lively presentation skills and very interesting arguments brought to life through many real-life, personal experiences.

The afternoon session was devided into shorter presentations by over a dozen Italian innovators – Michela Michilli, Franco Stivali, Federica Vaccari and Luca Tesauro to mention just a few – who each shared their case-story with the attentive audience. All the companies that the afternoon speakers represented were awarded with an Innovation Award by the organizer, Rome Business School.

by Hanna Suni