Valentina Ferretti – Reconfirmed by Board for President
Valentina now enters her third mandate, and after two successful terms, lowering average age of members and encouraging tech-savvy women, she continues her strategic plan to involve qualitative partnerships in order to strengthen our association. She strongly believes that on and offline engagement among members produces more business and learning opportunities.

Gerlie Saura –  Vice President
Gerlie joined PWA in May 2012 and served as Director of Sponsorship in 2012–14, Director of Membership in 2018, and Director of Public Relations in 2019. She believes in the power of grit, women helping women and the PWA collective leadership, this belief continuously encourages her to serve the PWA community of inspiring women. When faced with challenges Gerlie tends to always remember her victories, give & seek help, and continue to learn from the best. Her aim is to create opportunities to PWA members, making PWA a place of excellence, and enjoy your friendship.

Raffaella Di Primio –  Secretary
Raffaella was born in Rome, where she graduated with a degree in Law and qualified as lawyer. Her legal background and education encouraged her to take on the role of PWA Secretary after the former secretary’s resignation in January. Even in this short timeframe she could sense and appreciate the real spirit of PWA: of women standing side by side, aiming at their personal and professional growth. Needless to say this experience motived her to run for a full year mandate as Secretary, with the hope to serve PWA at the best of her professional and human capability, facilitating and supporting PWA mission.

Lisa Rosen –  Treasurer
Vice President, which has generated even more passion toward this association. She is now running for her third year as Treasurer so that she can carry on working together with a fine team of strong and mature women that she can continue to develop the association with.

Sabina Santovetti –  Candidate for Programming Director

Sabina, a true Roman, is a Sustainable Educator, Architect, Designer & Artist. Based in Rome, she creates Sustainable Turnkey Solutions, Energy Sparing, Beauty oriented and Custom Made Projects for private and public clients in Italy and abroad. As Programming Director, she is interested in giving more space to our partners, John Cabot University and Accademia del Costume di Roma, with conferences connected to sustainability issues. She is expecting to make PWA grow in numbers through sustainable conferences and would like to attract more foreign women into association.

Sabine Schuh –  Candidate for Programming Director

In these last two years Sabine has been a huge contribution to this position and even kept up her rock-solid commitment when she moved to Tuscany. Her thoroughness in getting to know the speakers and her way to think and act outside the box has granted PWA high quality conferences as well as a growing reputation.

She is known for her positive and encouraging attitude and her creativity in aligning her role with the emergencies and objectives of the association, as well as for punctuality and precision. Her love and passion for this position is tangible and for her third year in office she has the intention to scale up even more and top the already achieved results.

Lorelay Croce –  Candidate for Sponsorship Director

Lorelay is a results driven, self-motivated and resourceful leader, with over 17 years of invaluable experience in managing projects, resources and staff in an effective and efficient manner. Highly focused with a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of various industries and sectors such as business management, technical IT services, human resources and cost control. Keen to find a challenging position within an ambitious and dynamic organization where she can utilise her managerial experience and contribute to massive success, she would love the opportunity to bring her skills as detailed oriented leader to PWA in order to contribute to women’s empowerment as Sponsorship Director.

Gaia Nina Marano –  Candidate for PR Director

Gaia Nina is a lawyer – specialized in labor & employment law – with an entrepreneurial spirit, currently undertaking the part-time MBA at Luiss Business School where she has developed a new project, “Connecting@MBA” aimed to promote the power of networking through MBA students. She joined PWA quite recently and decided to candidate herself for the position of PR Director to offer her knowledge and passion to develop new projects and discover new opportunities. She believes women have by nature an essential role in the world, but – since they have not express all their potential yet – she wants to help them thrive.

Cecilia Bersani –  Candidate for Social Director

Cecilia, having enjoyed the challenge of her first term as Sponsorship director, has decided to candidate herself for Social Director with even more energy for the greater good of PWA. She loves to be around people and organise events and would thoroughly enjoy putting her talent in use for the association for yet another year.

Carola Chiarlitti –  Candidate for Membership Director

Carola works as a trainee lawyer at BonelliErede, leading firm in the Italian market of legal services. Her areas of practice are international litigation and debt restructuring, that means she provides in and out-of-court assistance within cross-border civil, commercial and corporate disputes, as well as within insolvency and debt restructuring proceedings.

She is very passionate about the topics of education and mentoring that she considers key tools for people’s empowerment and society’s growth. The importance of true leadership and of a sound corporate culture are also issues she has at heart. Her recent training at Manageritalia in soft skills will help her even further in her role as Membership Director.

Mirela Cojocaru –  Candidate for Newsletter Editor

Mirela is a Marketing and Sales Professional with over 13 years of experience, out of which 10 years in the Defence and Aerospace sector alone, working both with the private and public sector.  Few years ago she took a Master’s Degree in Peace Building Management focusing on negotiation and conflict resolution, to help her understand and manage better the continuous geopolitical changes happening in the world today. She’s also a qualified civilian by the Italian Red Cross as a Humanitarian Rights Counselor.

Having lived and especially worked in a highly international environment, she considers herself a “citizen of the world”, always with the suitcase ready for a new experience, but convinced that her home will always remain Rome. For this she’s mostly enjoying the multicultural nature of PWA and is happy to have a higher involvement in the association in the Communications Team.

Angela Carfa – Special Projects Diretor

Angela, from Calabria, has a degree in Economic & Banking Science from the University of Siena. A CPA by profession, as a Social project manager with impact responsibility, she also has experience in the foundation and management of Benefit Companies, and is qualified to release certification for B corporations. In the 2018-19 season Angela successfully launched Wings Lab, a peer mentoring program and is delighted to continue to develop the project to further heights with other PWA women.

Adriana Tempesta – Legal Advisor

Although not able to participate in the monthly activities, Adriana would like to maintain her current role as Legal Advisor. Her insights, contributions, and expertise have been precious to PWA, bringing our association to the forefront as an opinion leader for international professional women in Rome.

Hanna Suni – Marketing Consultant

After six years as Newsletter Editor, Hanna, Finnish graphic designer and illustrator, is delighted to pass the reigns, but will continue to support the Com Team also in 2019-20.