The May issue of The People We Are is now online! You will find a colorful package with lots of resources, articles and materials on Women and Wellbeing in the Workplace and PWA activities in the last months.

The member feature is on Jessica Zama, a young professional who joined PWA recently. She believes that women sometimes tend to underestimate themselves, lacking the confidence to do what it takes, despite their incredible ability to juggle their lives between domestic and professional commitments. n her experience, she has often found women in competition with each other, yet in PWA she finds support and reciprocity, encouragement to do better. She identifies with women who believe in themselves, so to coin a phrase, “if the cap fits, wear it!”

Hanna Suni has written a very inspiring article: Feng shui is much used in homes, but the same philosophy can be applied to the working environment as well. In this article Hanna writes the 6 most important things you need to know to use feng shui in your office. Women and wellbeing in the work place will be the main topic of our May Conference with Arch. Caterina Locati. How much can a work environment impact on people’s well-being, productivity and cooperation? Today, more and more companies have realized that focusing on employee well-being is key to creating loyalty within the workplace and improving productivity. Yet there is a resource that everyone has available but few are using: the environment, the space. Interacting in an evolved and conscious way with the working space can bring immediate and lasting benefits to everyone. To do this, we need to be ready to see what might not be so obvious.

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