The April issue of The People We Are is now online! You will find a colorful package with lots of resources, articles and materials on Women and Peacekeeping and PWA activities in the last months.

The member feature is on Maria Longo, an independent and young woman from Cassino. Determined to make her mark in the world, stimulated by the competitive element, she is very independent of her much loved and supportive family. She lived and worked in different cities and countries but now she is based in Rome.  Today, Maria aspires to a change in industry sector, she is open to diverse opportunities, and is currently a candidate to PWA’s board as Secretary.

Valerie Baxter has written a very inspiring article about the US President situation compared to our microscopic PWA world. “We are not looking at power here; we are looking at empowerment. […] I hope all members will not only continue to stand behind the president and her team, but will also feel the sense of belong- ing to such a unique association as I do by supporting its most representative expression of empowerment” she wrote. Women’s engagement in peace and security will be the main topic of our April Conference with Elena Palloni, Ministry of DefenseAfter briefly presenting the key aspects of UN-SCR 1325 and the idea behind it, Elena will illustrate how NATO has worked to integrate gender perspectives in NATO-led operations as well as in NATO policies and programs, through case studies drawn from the eld.

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