The last year’s issue of The People We Are is online! You will find a colorful package with lots of resources and articles  on Aspirations and PWA activities in the last months such as PWA November Conference.

The member feature is on Maria Rita Genco: since 2013 Maria Rita coordinates and supports the secretarial, administrative and personnel offices of FRT – Federazione Radio Televisione in Rome, plus the study centre of Confindustria Radio & Television. Her extrovert, communicative spirit is contagious and easily stimulates enthusiasm. On the fun side, if you’re thinking of having a party, it would be a good idea to ask Maria Rita to organize themes for your friends with entirely new board games often of her own invention. PWA is delighted to tell her story and promote her example!

What makes the difference in our lives? money? children? brands we wear? how far are our travels? Let’s try to understand better what the word “aspiration” means thanks to the article written by Christiana Montani Natalucci, PWA Community Director.

You will find photos from our November Conference on leadership and women with leadership expert Paul Vanderbroeck who explored how women make it to the top and what qualities they need to stay there. According to Paul Vanderbroeck the key to success is authenticity and to communicate and strengthen the values and wisdom of female leadership. Other photos are about our November ConneXion at Chorus Café. So wait no more, start browsing!

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