The February issue of The People We Are is online! It is all about sex drive, how to improve it and how it affects our daily lives. You will find a colorful package with lots of resources, articles and materials.

The member feature is on Adriana Tempesta, the Membership Director or PWA. She is the Italian Robin Hood as she defends consumers in court. She is very versatile and has lots of interests and hobbies. You can read her story written by me on pages 8 and 9. I also interviewed Marianna Poletti, founder and CEO of JustKnock, a start-up that is about to revolutionize job search and recruiting. Read about it on pages 10 and 11.

You will find fun photos from our January Conference on Brexit and the February ConneXion at DoppioZero. I put together some physical and online resources on sex drive. Community Director Cristiana Montani Natalucci the theme of what turns us on and Social Director Laura Rizzi presents sex and love in Ancient Rome. The series of poems by Elvira la Rocca and paintings by Rossana Chiani is continued with a new theme. So wait no more, start browsing!

If you’d like to contribute to The People We Are, send us your photos, articles, news, milestones & more for the March issue by March 8th. Send your stories to ― it’s your mouthpiece, make the most of it!

Happy readings,