The November issue of The People We Are is online! It is all about the U.S. Elections and women at the forefront (as we were hoping a woman would have won the elections). You will find a colorful package with lots of resources, articles and materials.

The member feature is on Karima Hassa, an accomplished millennial and citizen of the world. You can read her story written by Hanna on pages 8 and 9. Lisa R Tucci has collected physical and online resources on Women at the Forefront and President Valerie Baxter writes about the Long and Windy Roadtrip of Female Leadership.

You will find fun photos from past events – the November Literary Connexion at Il Barattolo where Elvira La Rocca presented her recently published book, Non voglio perdere le tue parole.  There is also a wrap-up of the October Conference with Bruno Poggi. Coach Leonella Cardosi and Nutritionist Virginia Cattai write about food and emotions and will continue their series of articles in the spring newsletters as well.

Community Director Cristiana Montani Natalucci tells us who is the true winner of the Elections and journalist Isabella De Rham also analyses the results. The series of poems by Elvira la Rocca and paintings by Rossana Chiani is continued with a new theme. So wait no more, start browsing!

If you’d like to contribute to The People We Are, send us your photos, articles, news, milestones & more for the December issue by December 9th. Send your stories to ― it’s your mouthpiece, make the most of it!

Happy readings,