The September issue of The People We Are is online! It is all about gender inclusion and women’s position in the workplace and in general. You will find a colorful package with lots of resources, articles and materials. Read it now!

The member feature is on me, Hanna Suni, as I was elected Woman of the Year in June. You can read my story written by Valerie Baxter on pages 8 and 9. I was honored to receive the nomination and would like to thank all my fellow Board and Team members and my editorial team for the wonderful collaboration this past year. It is all about team work, so full speed ahead this Jubilee Year!

Lisa R Tucci has collected physical and online resources on Inclusion and President Valerie Baxter writes about the Jubilee Year Expectations and what PWA is proposing for this very special year. You can find the event calendar and start marking all those dates in your calendars!

You will find fun photos from past events – the September Connexion at Colle Oppio Cafè with the presentation of TimeOut Timebank by Massimiliano Gottardi, Alexandra White and Rossana Scazzocchio. There is also a wrap-up of the June Summer Party and the MOB Brainstorming event organized for the Board and Team in June.

Social Director Laura Rizzi examines women in art and the gender gap between men and women artists. Social Media Assistant Cristiana Montani Natalucci writes about Social Media and whether it promotes gender inclusion. The series of poems by Elvira la Rocca and paintings by Rossana Chiani is continued with a new theme. So wait no more, start browsing!

We have also included a Classified-section for your inserts and ads. If you’d like to contribute to The People We Are, send us your photos, articles, news, milestones & more for the October issue by October 12th. Send your stories to ― it’s your mouthpiece, make the most of it!

Happy readings,