PWA firmly believes in education for all women. Further education for women gives leverage to shatter glass ceilings, anywhere. But for the majority of African women it’s just not going to happen! Poverty, rural areas, numerous families, even lack of universities are blocking access.

The PWA ME2 Scholarship is an incredible educational opportunity for a deserving woman in Africa to continue her studies at Pareto University. PWA wants to contribute to inclusion through a virtual university degree course that brings together hundreds of men and women of diverse cultural backgrounds to share learning experiences in order to access the business world. It is an opportunity that motivates and charges African women with energy to introduce positive change in their life.

For more information or to donate to the PWA ME2 Scholarship, please contact the PWA Board at

We want to foster women’s education, one woman at a time! And, as in every distant adoption, PWA will promptly update you via newsletter, website, and social media platforms regarding the scholarship receiver’s academic progress.