PWA Woman of the Year was born to infuse the multicultural group spirit in PWA, with the will to learn new things and meet new people, striving to strengthen the bond between individual fellow members and raise the expectations of professional women in Rome who approach our Association. It’s a story of finding a place of which to be an integral part. “Be a part of it!” is still the foundation of eligibility to run for this honour… and be chosen to participate in the Night of the Oscars, perhaps even receiving nominations for creating value for PWA.

This year’s ten candidates are the following:

Rosemary Aspinall

aspinall WOTY

Marianne Glaesser

glaesser WOTY

Michela Lazzèlazzè WOTY

Olga Plyaskinaplyaskina WOTY

Laura Rizzirizzi WOTY

Rossana Scazzocchioscazzocchio WOTY

Marta Schneiderschneider WOTYMonica Sorcettisorcetti WOTY

Hanna Sunisuni WOTY

Adriana Tempesta

tempesta WOTY

May the best woman win!