Friday 8 and Saturday 9 April in Rome, in the historical CONI building, ICF Italia held their XIII National Conference “Integrazioni generative come leva del Coaching.” Two full days dedicated to inclusion and coaching’s 360°-point-of-view,  through the experiences of champion athletes, teachers, visionary entrepreneurs, “normal” people, and much much more. Attendees and speakers from Italy and abroad together built an awesome experience for the community that energized all those present!

I am grateful to have been invited to be a part of this highly energizing two-day event! Thank you Luisa La Via and Maria Banks. Not only did I get to meet and greet with “old friends” but also I had the unique opportunity to make special new acquaintances. The universe works in wonderful ways and during this weekend I was impressed with the speed of being on the receiving end once again of “the magic.”

One of my conference gems was seeing Tim Gallwey and the inner game at work! The other was knowing that PWA was present, through coaches Luisa La Via and Maria Banks. It was a proud moment to see what we ladies can offer to the community and how this benefit is positively tangible in a short period of time.

Here are four of the messages I took away with me: Change is possible when you do what you love, what you feel vitally important to you; changing the focus changes the outcome; I am as healthy as I allow my body to be; and question your beliefs and make sure they resonate with who you really are … today.

Totally Awesome! Thank you to all the participants/speakers and especially Giovanna Giuffredi and her organizing committee for setting the stage for such an inspiring experience.

Michelle Bassanesi
PWA Mentoring Coordinator