PWA is glad to announce the new partenrship with FEDERPROFESSIONAL.

FEDERPROFESSIONAL is a point of reference for those who believe that work outside corporate employer-employee relationships can be regarded a positive and profitable opportunity both for the professional and for organizations.

The association created in 2001 on the initiative of a number of independent consultants, ex managers and corporate section chiefs, involved in autonomous activity, with the purpose of promoting, supporting and safeguarding professionalism.

PWA and FEDERPROFESSIONAL  share the common aim to sustain and add value to the professional culture of individual members, and to be a primary point of reference for the personal and professional needs of members.

Through this union, both associations will pursue the objective to increase the quality and quantity of service given to its members, and purpose of each association, also regarding aspects of information, training and relations in the workplace. Each association proposes a regular exchange of experience and welcomes the opportunity to integrate the diverse professions in order to further an exchange of knowledge and competences.

Although the associations have their own story, their missions seem to be very close to each other: to give a “community home” to all entrepreneurs, even though they may be  already organized in guilds, regulated lists or otherwise, like the “atypical” or “project workers” or similar autonomous workers who cannot refer to any entity able to aggregate them in order to satisfy their needs.

Furthermore, FEDERPROFESSIONAL and PWA are a landmark for all professionals who have common interests and  want to share experiences.