Associate with those who will make a better (wo)man of you. Welcome those whom you yourself can improve.

The process is mutual; for (wo)men learn while they teach – Seneca the Younger

Expert resources

PWA Expert Resources is a special directory for current members to discover member talent within our association. Designed to give insight to your business relations and enhance your activity, it creates reciprocal work related opportunities.

This exclusive tool for members only is released in January by PWA Membership director, Florencia Barbieri.

So if you haven’t already done so, please contact her to be part of it.

The People We Are online magazine

The monthly PWA online magazine is full of feature articles, member and partner news, event photos and interesting columns on culture, health, social media and literature. You can read, share and comment articles in the News-section of our website, take advantage of it!

Hanna Suni, the editor, would be delighted to receive and share your stories, articles, photos and feedback comments, so write to them at It is your mouthpiece, make the most of it!


Proactive academic partnerships with RBS – Rome Business School and JCU – John Cabot University include 10% discounts on courses for members and their families, plus remunerated teaching opportunities in addition to two scholarships per academic year respectively. Moreover, our Partners, RBS – Rome Business School and JCU – John Cabot University offer one course in English to one PWA member each semester to be chosen from course listing.


  • If you are interested in emplying an intern from John Cabot University or would like more information, please contact:
  • For all scholarships, apply to


The several Scholarships obtained from our Partners, available to members only, are features exclusive to PWA.
Courses run from High Specialization in Digital Marketing to Digital Customer Service Management, to Direct Marketing, Leadership, Team Building and Team Working, Effective Coaching and Mentoring, Effective Decision Making, Public speaking etc.


Discover WINGS Lab and enjoy mentoring!
Available for season 2018-2019.
We have the pleasure to announce a new format for exchanging our experience and expertise.
WingsLab is a peer-to-peer mentoring initiative, developed by PWA, that offers its members and guests an opportunity to challenge themselves and to help them to achieve professional growth. Participants facing a business challenges have the chance to rely on feedback, ideas, suggestions from all other participants to the meeting.


Creativity is about finding solutions in apparently disconnected issues, bringing together the ends you thought would never meet…
PWA’s Thinktank is an innovative idea incubator with a realistic approach to provide solutions rarely available in one’s habitual environment. It affords members remarkable opportunities to tap into “the People We Are” experience but also aims at stimulating effective business partnerships and promoting implementation of innovative ideas.
This melting pot of ideas can also be found in PWA’s Linked In subgroup Thinktank, where opinion leaders and experts will keep PWA Rome members updated on key trends in business thereby stimulating fruitful brainstorming to start new projects of interest. Various sources of information and expertise come together to complete ambitious projects, such as “TIMEOUT” – a professional TimeBank, which is being carried out in joint venture with Federprofessional by means of a pilot project running from January to June.

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